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There are loads of activities to do in the region. Something for everyone!

Do you like being active? Then go for a good hike or kayak trip.

Prefer to take it a little easier? Then visit one of the beautiful towns or visit one of the beautiful beaches of Nerja.

For questions about the area or tips for activities, click here.




La Maroma is the largest mountain in Andalusia and a great challenge for experienced hikers. Do you like a good walk, but at a lower level? Then visit the Rio Chillar in Nerja or El Saltillo in Canillas de Aceituno!

Holiday Destination


Beach Days

The coast of the Axarquía is less touristy than other coasts on the costas. For a small price you can rent a lounger for the whole day and you will be served by the waiter of the beach bar. Great to relax with a book. Or take a refreshing dip in the Mediterranean Sea!

Good Food


Spain is of course known for its delicious tapas dishes. And on the coast you can also enjoy the daily fresh fish that is brought ashore early every morning by the local fishermen. Be sure to try the 'fritura malaguena', typical of the province of Malaga.

Dish of Appetizers



Malaga, Cordoba, Granada. There are many cities worth visiting within a short distance of your stay!

City Center



There are many covered shopping malls in Spain and you can also shop to your heart's content in the major cities. Definitely go to Malaga if you like shopping!




Do you like adventure and do you want something other than a hike? Then definitely go kayaking in Nerja / Maro! Well worth sailing along this beautiful coast. Water sports can also be done on Lake Vinuela.

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