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The Alcaucin area is perhaps the best area to stay if you like hiking. Located at the foot of the Sierra Tejeda Natural Park, with mount La Maroma and the El Saltillo hiking trail as hotspots. The most beautiful hiking routes in the area are written on the page.


La Maroma


La Maroma is an impressive mountain that can be seen from miles away. The iconic peak has incredible 360 views over the coastline as well as the Sierra Nevada mountain range.

La Maroma peak is the highest in the Malaga Province (2066m) and a true bucket list adventure for the hiking enthusiast.

There are walks of varying degrees for intermediate to very advanced hikers.

There is a lot of information about the various walks on Google.

Holiday Destination


El Saltillo trail

A new hanging bridge made El Saltillo one of the hiking highlights of Andalucia. Before, El Saltillo was an unknown trail. Now more and more people are enjoying this free walking route.

El Saltillo has a suspension bridge of 54 meters which hangs 79 meters above the ground. On top of that, there are a couple of suspension bridges along the vertical cliff wall which definitely makes the hike worthwhile.

The hike is fairly easy until you get to the hanging bridge. This is where you get a steep section, but other than that the trail doesn’t have much elevation. You can turn around at the hanging bridge to make a shorter and easier hike. It’s a great day trip for the whole family and one of the best walks in Andalucia.

Good Food


Spain is of course known for its delicious tapas dishes. And on the coast you can also enjoy the daily fresh fish that is brought ashore early every morning by the local fishermen. Be sure to try the 'fritura malaguena', typical of the province of Malaga.

Dish of Appetizers



Malaga, Cordoba, Granada. There are many cities worth visiting within a short distance of your stay!

City Center



There are many covered shopping malls in Spain and you can also shop to your heart's content in the major cities. Definitely go to Malaga if you like shopping!




Do you like adventure and do you want something other than a hike? Then definitely go kayaking in Nerja / Maro! Well worth sailing along this beautiful coast. Water sports can also be done on Lake Vinuela.

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